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Welcome to the Mining Engineering Program at Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T). As one of the founding programs of Missouri S&T (then Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy), we have been educating students for the U. S. and global mining industry since 1870. Today, we are one of the largest mining engineering programs in the U. S. with a stellar reputation among our industry partners and other stakeholders. We offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in mining engineering.  Our students are diverse, coming from all over the world, and enrich each other’s learning experience with their unique perspectives. However, they share a common passion for mining and relish the challenge of providing mined materials for industrial activities. You see, the average American will use an estimated 3.03 million pounds of minerals, metals, and fuels in his or her lifetime. That is everything from the metals in their cell phone to the gypsum in their drywall at home.

 Our graduates go on to work in mines, quarries, on construction projects, and for various mining services and technology providers to ensure we all have the materials we need for our way of life. The program prepares graduates for employment by providing sound technical training that is enhanced by hands-on experience at the Experimental Mine (our 20-acre mine, with two underground openings and a surface quarry) and internships and co-ops. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to apply mathematics and basic engineering principles to solve mining engineering problems. It also prepares graduates to apply fundamental knowledge in geology and mining methods to solve mining engineering problems. Our graduate students work with excellent faculty, who are national and global leaders in their research areas, to solve significant research problems to make mines more efficient, safer, and more sustainable. All the major mining companies in the U. S. recruit from our program and regularly attend career fairs on campus. 

 I encourage you to review the pages of this web site for more information about our programs, faculty, and students. If you are able to visit, please schedule a time to do so and we would be glad to show you our facilities and introduce you to the people behind our program.

 Kind regards,


Kwame Awuah-Offei