Faculty photo
Dr. Taghi Sherizadeh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering

Department of Mining and Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Sherizadeh is an assistant professor in mining engineering with over 8 years of consulting experience. 

He has extensive experience in numerical modeling of heat transfer in heterogeneous media, probabilistic and risk assessment of surface and underground stability, stability analysis of open pits and long-term performance assessment of nuclear waste disposal sites.  He has experience in elasto-plastic, visco-elastic and poro-elastic analysis of stress, including stress analysis of large open-pit mines, underground mines, underground storage schemes, tunnels for transportation, and hydroelectric developments.


Computational mechanics; Numerical, statistical, and probabilistic modeling in rock mechanics; Rock slope stability and stability of underground excavations; Application of numerical modeling in underground and surface mining; Reservoir geomechanics (Wellbore stability, Hydraulic fracturing, and Sand production); Geomechnical aspects of C02 sequestration; Geothermal Energy recovery; Assessment of nuclear waste disposal sites; Pore pressure and in-situ stress analysis; Compaction and subsidence modeling, Artificial Intelligence (artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms)


  • Ph.D. Rock Mechanics University of Arizona, August 2015 Minor: Petroleum Engineering