International Society of Explosives Engineers

The International Society of Explosives Engineers or ISEE is a student and professional organization that unites those who are associated with explosives usually within the mining industry. The chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology is one of the largest student chapters and is accompanied with undergraduate and graduate explosives programs.

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About the missouri s&t chapter of isee

It was the first student chapter founded in 1998. The Missouri S&T Chapter is dedicated to the safe handling and teaching of explosives. Our students are involved in many explosive applications like stage pyrotechnics, building demolition, 4th of July firework shows, and drilling and blasting. 

Being the largest student chapter allows us to maintain a significant presence at conferences, usually between twenty to thirty students. Conference trips are funded via fundraising and donations from industry. Every year, members work the Haunted Mine to help raise money for our society. Our popular Co-Ed Naked Blasting T-shirts are also sold at conferences and substantially help keep the cost of conferences down so more students can attend. Blow $#!T Up Day is another unique fundraiser put on by our members. ISEE hosts many student functions during the year including firework shows for campus events, float trips, and bonfires.

Keeping students in contact and involved with industry is a focal point of the organization. ISEE is sponsoring guest speakers from Dyno Nobel, Austin Powder, and Orica. Presentations will involve equipment used in industry and is essential for students to be exposed to. Also, as the only school in the world to offer a Master’s program in Explosives Engineering, Missouri S&T is leading the way in the field of explosive theory, research, and application. Our ISEE chapter allows students wishing to enter this exciting field a chance to expand on knowledge gained in classes and network with other students and industry. Explosives: bringing people together by blowing stuff apart.