Masters of Engineering in Mining Engineering - Distance Education Program

Program Description
The courses are offered using online learning methods. Students will learn by listening to the online lectures and through directed self-study.

Student and Program Outcomes
The special skills and knowledge that graduating students will acquire include the following:

  • An advanced understanding of characteristics of selected mining processes and their mutual relationships
  • An ability to design selected mining processes, as well as select the relevant equipment as determined by the specifics of the operation
  • An ability to use cutting edge engineering tools and knowledge to solve mining related problems in an economical, safe and efficient way

Class Size
The enrollment will generally be limited to 15 students per class. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. This limit is set to allow us to provide the best service to the students. It is expected that several of the students will attend the class in person at Missouri S&T while the rest of the class will use online facilities.

Course Design and Requirements
Total credits required for graduation - 30 credit hours: The program is an advanced mining engineering program that takes advantage of current developments in online learning. It has a limited research component and can be completed without the need to attend classes at Missouri S&T.  To complete the program and attain the degree a student needs to complete 30 hours of graduate credit.

Each course in this offering is worth 3 credit hours. The program consists of the following course requirements:

  • 15 credits for required courses
  • 3 credits for Design Project or Problem Report
  • 12 credits of technical elective courses

The required courses are designed to assure that the student gains knowledge of state-of-the-art mining practice, while the technical electives allow her/him to
choose an area of specialization. The final choice of the courses needs to be approved by the Program Director.

Required Courses - total of 15 credit hours

MIN 4113 Mine Atmosphere Control I
MIN 4932 Underground Mining Methods and Equipment
MIN 4933 Surface Mining Methods and Equipment
MIN 4823 Rock Mechanics I
MIN 4742 Environmental Aspects of Mining

Note: If any of these, or other courses below have already been taken for credit during the undergraduate degree, the student will need to take other courses that match his/her professional needs.

Technical Electives - total of 12 credit hours
Six credit hours should be taken from the list of available Graduate level courses in the graduate catalog. Six credit hours are technical electives that can be selected from outside of the Department, should the student wish to do so, offered either via online or through traditional classroom teaching. The technical electives need to be approved by the Program Director or by the Department Chair.

Advanced credit - Maximum 9 credits.
Of the total 30 credit hours required to obtain the degree, a maximum of nine (9) credit hours of graduate level work, with a minimum grade of "B" (top 50% of the class), can be transferred from other universities. The balance of the credits has to be taken through Missouri S&T.

Design Project or Problem Report
There is no requirement for a thesis or internship. However, to develop independent study skills and ability to synthesize learned information each student is required to complete the Design Project or a Problem Report (3 credit hours). The topic needs to be approved by the course coordinator and is expected to relate to student's professional interests.

Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate a student needs to obtain the following credits:

1. Credit for all five required courses, if not taken previously as part of the Bachelor's degree (15 credit hours as listed above)
2. Additional 12 credit hours for technical electives
3.Credit for a 3-credit-hour design project or problem report

Program Pre-requisites
Candidates for the program should have an undergraduate degree in an engineering discipline and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale). If a candidate has another Bachelor’s degree, the candidate shall have two deficiency courses: fluid mechanics (Civ Eng 3330) and statistics and dynamics (Mech Eng 2340). Prerequisites for these courses must be satisfied unless individually waived by the instructor. Candidates wth a BA will need to complete additional deficincy courses after meeting with an advisor.

Current tuition fees for this program may be found at the following web site:

The fees entitle the student to participate in all activities related to the course(s) he/she is enrolled in.

Additional information can be obtained from:

Dr. Kyle Perry
Tel. (573) 341-4549

Mrs. Judy Russell
Tel. (573) 341-7652