Graduate Admission Requirements

All students must meet Missouri S&T graduate admission requirements as well as mining department specific requirements. The admission application and acceptance rules for distance (online) students are the same as those of traditional on-campus students with only slight variations in required forms.  International students must meet the same or equivalent requirements for admission as US citizens and must complete additional forms. There are specific federal requirements for international students interested the Explosives Engineering program.  

Mining Engineering Requirements

In addition to the minimum graduate admission requirements set by the University, there are mining engineering specific requirements. These include:


Candidates for the program should have an undergraduate degree in a physical science or engineering discipline and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale) for Master's and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5 (on a 4-point scale) for PhD. If a candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than physical science or engineering, the candidate shall have two deficiency courses: fluid mechanics (CIV ENG 3330) and statistics and dynamics (MECH ENG 2340). Prerequisites for these courses must be satisfied unless individually waived by the instructor. 

Refer here for further admission requirements.                                             

All students in the distance education programs must have access to a computer with an internet connection. Minimum computer requirements 

For more information on the Mining Engineering graduate program requirements visit:  Graduate Degree Requirements.

Explosives Engineering Requirements

In addition to the minimum graduate admission requirements set by the University and the need for ATF relief, there are explosives engineering specific requirements. 

Explosives Engineering Certificate

The Explosives Engineering Certificate Program is open to all persons holding a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in engineering, physical science or technology, who meet S&T graduate requirements and who have a minimum of 12-months of post-B.S. professional employment experience. The certificate is designed for the professional who does not have the time to take the GRE. Professional experience and maturity are often assessed and may be used to compliment the applicants undergraduate GPA. 

Explosives Technology Certificate

The Explosives Technology Certificate is designed for non-engineering graduates whereas the Explosives Engineering Certificate is designed for engineering graduates.
The Explosives Technology Certificate Program is open to all graduates holding a B.A., or advanced higher degree that have a mathematics background through trigonometry (Missouri S&T Math 6 or equivalent) and a minimum of 12-months of post-B.A. professional employment experience.

Explosives Engineering Master of Science (with and without Thesis)

Students will be required to meet the standard graduate school admission requirements for Missouri S&T. Additionally; the Explosives Engineering M.S. is considered a specialist qualification for graduates holding accredited engineering, physical science and technology B.S. degrees. Students meeting admission requirements must be approved by the appropriate department chair or designate as well as the office for Graduate Studies. The program requirements follow on from the postgraduate explosives engineering certificate.

Explosives Technology Master of Science (with and without Thesis)

This degree was designed primarily for distance students who are interested in gaining an advanced degree in Explosives and have already earned an Explosives Technology Graduate Certificate. Students will be required to meet the standard graduate school
admission requirements for Missouri S&T. This degree is different from the MS in Explosives Engineering since it does not require the prerequisite courses to be taken by a student who has successfully completed the Explosives Technology Certificate

Explosives Engineering Doctor of Philosophy

Students with B.S. degrees and cumulative GPA ≥ 3.50/4.00 can enroll directly in the Ph.D. degree program. Students, who obtain cumulative GPA ≥ 3.50/4.00, after completing the course requirements in the M.S. degree program, may transfer and complete the requirements of the Ph.D. program without completing the M.S. program.

The application for admission to the graduate program must be accompanied by a letter addressed to the Department Chair, giving a brief summary of the applicant’s background and the specific areas of research interest, if known at the time.

For more details on the Explosives programs and graduate admission requirements, visit their website at:  Explosives Engineering Graduate


For more information regarding these programs contact:

Dr. Lana Alagha

Dr. Kyle Perry


Graduate Program Coordinator

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Distance Program Coordinator

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Ms. Judy Russell

Office Support, Graduate and Distance Programs

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