Doctor of Philosophy - Mining Engineering

The Doctoral program is designed to provide specialists capable of conducting advanced research in mining. Successful candidates might teach at a university, complete research for major mining related companies, or work for the government.  The Ph.D. degree in Mining Engineering requires a minimum of 3 years of full-time work beyond the Bachelors degree, including research work for the Dissertation.

Specific programs of study, including both research and course work, are developed between the candidate and his/her advisory committee. This committee will normally be selected by the graduate student in consultation with the advisor and then approved by the Department Chair. Selection should be done the first semester following successful completion of the Qualifying Examination.

PhD students must enroll in Mi Eng 410: Seminar, for at least three semesters during their program. Each student is required to attend and participate in all the graduate seminars each semester he/she is on campus. Students must complete either Research Methods (Mi Eng 401) or Philosophy of Scientific Research (ChE 425, IDE 425, Civ Eng 485, Env Eng 485, Elec Eng 481, Comp Eng 481) within the first two years of candidacy.

PhD students are required to take at least three mining engineering courses as part of their first 15 credit hours. These three courses will be used as a basis for the qualifying examination if a student fails to obtain a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 for the first 15 credits in the program.

PhD candidates will complete a comprehensive examination at least 12 weeks before the final oral examination of the PhD dissertation scheduled date. Finally, the student shall submit an unbound copy of his/her Ph.D. dissertation to the Department of Mining and Nuclear Engineering after final approval by the Advisory Committee.

The departmental research emphasis includes rock mechanics, explosives engineering, water jet applications, numerical methods and operations research applications in mining, mineral economics and reserve evaluation, mine health and safety, ventilation, and  mine reclamation. Current research  projects are always being updated. We have an extensive list of research facilities which candidates will utilize during the program. 

Our faculty  are recognized as leaders in their field of expertise. They work with industry leaders to develop research projects. The Mining Department faculty has published more than 1,300 articles, 12 books, and has recorded 38 patents. Click to see each of their current research focus areas. Limited research assistantships are available as well as fellowships and external funding opportunities. 

For additional information please contact

Kwame Awuah-Offei
Graduate Program Coordinator
326 McNutt Hall
Phone (573) 341-6438
Fax (573) 341-6934
Shirley Hall
Senior Secretary
227 McNutt Hall
Phone (573) 341-6303
Fax (573) 341-6934