Internships and Co-Op

Internships are an important part of the learning process at Missouri S&T. The Mining Engineering program has great industry partners which actively seek students for internship opportunities in their companies. Students are encouraged to begin the internship process as soon as possible, with many students starting the summer after their freshman year.

Some benefits of internships include:

  • Learn more about different aspects of the mining industry
  • Work each year in different areas such as underground, coal, quarry, reclamation, or aggregates 
  • Apply classroom theory to real work situations
  • Understanding of workplace culture
  • Learn career-related skills
  • See if a selected career path is one you truly enjoy
  • Find out what it's like to work in a mine
  • Enhance and strengthen your resume
  • Make contacts for future employment
  • Earn extra money

Cooperative work-study

Our cooperative work-study program is set up so students can take a break from studies and work full-time for one or for a combination of semesters such as spring/summer or summer/fall, allowing 6-8 months of work experience versus. the 3 summer months allowed for internship positions.

Additional Information: