First Meeting:

Wednesday, September 6th


McNutt Hall (Room 206)


Fellow students,

On behalf of the Missouri S&T chapter of the NSSGA (National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association),

we would like to invite you to our first meeting on Wednesday, September 6th, at 6pm in McNutt 206.


This year, our student chapter continues to be recognized as a part of the national organization. By doing so, members will have access to

● Scholarships

● Exclusive educational resources

● National conferences and workshops

● Industry speakers and sponsors directly connected to our chapter

● Networking with industry members in smaller settings

● Free DINNER for members at monthly meetings

● Raffles for attending meetings

● Easy fundraising opportunities to pay for trip expenses


AGG1 Aggregates Academy and Expo occurs every 2 years. Our chapter has the opportunity to attend the conference this spring, March 6-8 in Houston, TX (location may change due to recent events). Previously the organization has been comprised mainly of Mining Engineering students; However, with NSSGA’s strong influence in the construction industry, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in this career path. Whether you are in Freshman Engineering, Civil, Geology, Chemistry, English, Math, History ... the aggregates industry could use your input and expertise. Make sure to visit our chapter’s site , as well as the national website.


The chapter has an available position for secretary. This is a great way to get your “feet wet” in an organization without too much commitment whether it's your freshman or your super senior year, we invite you to attend. Make valuable connections with industry that will help secure your future.


We encourage you to attend our upcoming meeting to see what our organization is about. Feel free to contact the chapter’s president, Greg Velders, if you have questions.

REMEMBER… 6th @ 6


We look forward to seeing you there,

NSSGA officers


President- Greg Velders

Vice President - Tiffany Lyche

Treasurer - Nick Upschulte

Secretary - VACANT



AGG1 2018 Aggregates Accademy and Expo
When: March 6-8, 2018
Where: Houston, TX
How Much: TBD (under $200 before Haunted Mine hours)

Conco Quarries - Spring 2017  

conco quarries


Springfield underground - spring 2017

outside of door 25






2nd Annual Curt Marzolf Memorial Shoot



How Much:



MS&T Student Chapter of NSSGA


  • President: Greg Velders - 
  • Vice President: Tiffany Lyche - 
  • Secretary: VACANT
  • Treasurer: Nick Upschulte - 
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Galecki -


NSSGA Officers Meeting:

Monday, August 28th


McNutt Hall (commons)


 Department Kickoff:

Tuesday, August 29th

5pm - 7pm

McNutt Hall (commons)


First Meeting:

Wednesday, September 6th


McNutt Hall (Room 206)

No Fall 2017 minutes yet

NSSGA - Student Chapter